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"I have no doubt of the benefits and profound physical, mental and emotional clearing that Alex Claire's unique blend of Theta Healing brings to the recipient.  This is one of the rare and beautiful modalities that can potentially make easy work of big experiences, challenges and stories that we are stuck with.  When you work with Alex, either via distance healing or in person, there is an unmistakeable space created of embrace, support and acknowledgement.  You instinctively feel confident and know your in truly capable hands.  Alex has intimate knowhow on the effectiveness of this modality to dissolve barriers, inner blocks, stuckness, sabotage and genetic family stories.  A living, breathing practitioner and revolutionary of this work!"

Allison Achilles

Body Dress-Ups Consultant

To the Betterment of Your Potential

Life is for the creating and in creating a better life, Theta assists us in letting go of what does not serve our own good, receive that which does serve and manifest our potential through knowing and understanding that we are already bestowed with the Jewels of the Universe (unconditional love, acceptance, wisdom, clarity, awareness, confidence, joy, happiness).  Theta simply means awakening those Jewels and releasing that which we hang onto. 

To enquire about Theta and or arrange a session, click on the photo above to send Alex an email. 

"When we speak casually, the effect is casual.  When we speak with intent; when we speak with strength, consciousness and emotion, the intent and the effect is greater and as we know, every cause has an effect.  It is the rule of the universe.  There is cause and there is effect.  So it is wise to speak and act with awareness."       Dolores Cannon

The Convoluted Universe - Book 3

Experience Theta

We are spirit that has taken physical form.  As you know, we are energy.  In our body energy comes in different forms - chi through ingestion of food, water and air, maintaining chi through adequate rest.  On a spiritual level, there are the chakras and the aura.

Relating with others can affect us in a positive way or a negative way.  The Theta Journey given here is an easy way to release energy from events that serve us no purpose and thus allow us to move on to meeting our Greatness.  

So sit back and allow yourself to be taken on a journey of healing.  

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